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Dear Manager,

All day long you are sending messages to other people - by way of words and phrases.

Depending on your career, your messages may be:

  • Messages to customers
  • Messages to employees
  • Messages to prospects
  • Messages to peers
  • Messages to upper management
  • Messages to staff members

Your messages may have to do with...

...Presenting an idea
...Solving a conflict
...Recognizing an employee
...Providing feedback and input
...Disagreeing with a point of view
...Solving a customer service problem
...Selling a product or service
...Reaching consensus
...Dealing with a performance issue
...Performance Evaluations

Here's the thing – as a professional, your messages have a profound influence on people - good or bad!

The words and phrases you use have octane!

Sometimes your messages may be building rapport and other times they may be building tension.

Sometimes you may be creating understanding and sometimes misunderstanding.

Sometimes you may be gaining cooperation and other times you may be creating conflict.

Sometimes you may be problem-solving and sometimes you may be problem-building.

Sometimes you may be motivating and other times you may be de-motivating (without even knowing it).

Sometimes you may be building receptivity and sometimes you may be building resistance.

Sometimes you may be stimulating people and other times you may be depressing people.

Sometimes you may be building trust with people sometimes you may be eroding trust.

In over 3500 consulting, coaching and speaking engagements throughout the United States and Canada, I have discovered a business communication "tipping point" for all professionals.

This tipping point accelerates your career, grows your influence, builds your impact and produces strong results on your job.

The tipping point is this: Exceptional managers send messages that motivate, engage and create receptivity with other people, regardless of who they are – customers, employees, prospects, etc.


Your career will likely suffer and you will be headed for "career derailment."

What is career derailment? It is when the careers of talented people go "off the tracks."

Based on over 20 years of research, it happens to as many as 40% to 60% of professionals.

They are managers who...

...Have an initial strong track record
...Have a set of "smarts"
...Show commitment
...Are driven and ambitious

But then, a darker side emerges.

For example:

They become arrogant with their messages
They dismiss others with their messages
The become mean-spirited with their messages
They devalue others with their messages
They become abrasive with their messages
They become defensive with their messages
They demean others with their messages
They de-motivate people with their messages
They disengage people with their messages
They create resistance with their messages

Gradually, their career starts to unravel.

They have developed business communication "fatal flaws."

What happens next? Here are the possibilities if they work for someone else:

  • They get passed over for a promotion
  • They get demoted
  • They are given a lateral move (often disguised as an opportunity!)
  • They are forced to resign or retire
  • They are terminated

Here are the possibilities if they are the owner of a business:

  • They experience significant turnover
  • Employees are disengaged
  • Sales suffer
  • Customer service becomes mediocre
  • Quality suffers
  • Creativity is stifled


If you want your career to flourish, it is vitally important to develop the skills of High-Impact Messages.

Many managers that I have worked with have faulty messaging habits. Without even realizing it, their daily business communications are creating tension, stress and threat.

In this easy-to read e-book, you will discover faulty messaging habits and you will learn how reframe these habits into high-impact messaging skills.

This is not an academic e-book! It is a book that communicates with you to quickly change messaging habits that are getting in the way of positive results.

In the e-book, "Want to Motivate Employees – Turn your words into High-Impact Messages" you will discover:

  • The master rule for high-impact messages
  • How improving the outlook about yourself enables you to improve messages to others
  • How high-impact messages helps to cultivate support of others
  • Take this messaging approach and watch how your influence will grow exponentially
  • The two sides of every message that must be addressed to be a high-impact message
  • The 4 Tension-Trust Zones of very message you send
  • The #1 barrier to your messages getting through to others, and 5 ways to overcome this barrier
  • How to message constructive feedback to others – 5 principles
  • How to use the skill of "pinpointing" when confronting poor performance
  • How to solve issues, differences, complaints and conflicts using the "IDEAS" messaging model
  • The A-B-C’s of improving reactions to other people's messages
  • How personal accountability improves messaging skills
  • How to avoid "irritating words and phrases" that are faulty messaging habits
  • The one irritating word that discounts and contradicts others and how to replace it
  • How irritating questions create stress in the business communication
  • The 4 types of irritating questions and how to reframe them to build rapport and trust
  • How to avoid irritating listening habits that send the wrong message to others
  • How to build personal credibility by improving your commitment messages to others
  • How to eliminate "gobbledygook" messages to others
  • How to make your recognition messages memorable
  • How to use empathy in your messaging
  • How to sell your ideas without overstating or becoming dogmatic
  • How value messages and value-building improve your rapport and trust
  • How the skill of clarifying sets a positive messaging climate
  • How to use the skill of disagreeing diplomatically when you have a different point of view
  • How to "power up your words" to increase the impact of your messages

I have spent over 30 years of my life working as a performance speaker, coach and consultant for organizations throughout the United States and Canada, including over 25 Fortune 500 companies.

As I pointed out earlier, I have seen many managers with faulty messaging habits. I have seen many more with mediocre messaging habits.

I have isolated these faulty habits in this e-book, and I will show you how to make the adjustments necessary to create high-impact messages.

It is the quality of a manager's message that gets him or her into trouble. Improve the quality - improve the result.

If you master the high impact skills, I can make one big promise to you. It is the same promise that I make in my messaging seminars – You will be head and shoulders above the majority of managers in the United States and Canada that I have come into contact with.

And, other people will see the difference and will react differently to you.

You have nothing to lose by ordering now!

If you don’t feel that this e-book can dramatically improve your messages, then it won't cost you one penny.


Our no hassle, no quibble 100% Guarantee!

I guarantee your satisfaction with my new e-book, Want to Motivate Others? Then, Turn Your Words into High-Impact Messages!

If you are dissatisfied, for any reason, simply let me know within 90 days.

I will give you a full and prompt refund...and you keep the e-book!

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Frank Swiatek

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